Get to Know: Asher

Dov Weinstein Elul '24
Meet a Multifaceted Middle Schooler

Profile and photos by Dov Weinstein Elul ‘24

In our new student voices series, “Get to Know,” Dov Weinstein Elul ’24 introduces us to fellow Poly students he meets around campus.

Asher B. ‘30 is a Middle School student who makes the most of STEM opportunities at Poly. He is a participant in the Poly PM after-school program Spectacular STEM, where he is currently learning about rockets. “We’re talking about how rockets work. How the weight is distributed,” Asher said as he gestured his hands. “How if the wings go out this much it’ll fly that far.” He never thought he would be this interested in the sciences, but he says that at Poly, “It’s all really cool. It’s actually fun.” Aside from the STEM program, Asher also joined Game Design, where he is learning the basics of computer science, including designing his own Where’s Waldo? game. He likes that program so much that although he was excited about the long weekend earlier in October, he was upset that he’d miss Game Design. 

Asher Blumberg ‘30
Asher B. ’30

Recently, Asher has found math to be his favorite subject. He is learning about square roots and exponents, which he finds fascinating. His classes at Poly allow him to discuss academic topics like this, as well as in history class, in which he is learning about politics.

When he’s not launching rockets or solving math equations, Asher plays chess at Chess Club. He has been playing chess for several years, and the Poly Chess Club gives him a place to show off and hone his skills.

Asher Blumberg, Grayson Daley, Malakhi Seales collaborating in the classroom
Asher with friends Grayson D. ‘30 and Malakhi S. ‘30

But that’s not all that keeps Asher busy. He is also a multi-instrument musician. In school, he plays the baritone horn, which he lugs around the Poly campus in a sizable case, but he says it’s worth it. “It sounds really cool. It sends a whole vibration down your body.” Outside of school, Asher also plays piano. One of his favorite pieces he can play is Beethoven’s Sonatina in G Major.

Outside of academics and music, Asher loves playing sports in his free time at Poly. “It’s a huge campus, so I can play soccer in the backfields all the time.” Asher is a center defensive midfielder for Albion soccer club and also has a great time playing soccer with his friends at the park. Asher watches the English Premier League as well, and is a massive Manchester City fan. He tunes into most of their games.

Although this might seem like a lengthy list of activities for an 11-year-old, Asher does it all while being his true sixth grade self— be that catching a few episodes of The Great British Baking Show before he goes to bed or hanging out with his friends after school.

Asher Blumberg, Grayson Daley, Malakhi Seales friends
Asher with friends Grayson D. ‘30 and Malakhi S. ‘30

Asher and I also talked about Poly’s community and he told me how important it is to him. “At Poly, you have a lot of very close friends,” he said, “Poly feels like a house outside of my house.”

Looking towards the future, Asher is excited to take some of the unique classes Poly offers when he gets to Upper School. “I could take Ancient Greek, that’d be cool.”